Asturias, Field Recordings @ Mapa Sonoru

Field recordings taken in Asturias, Spain.

Now featured on Juanjo Palacios‘s Mapa Sonoru , A collaborative project for the conservation and diffusion of the soundscape of Asturias.


Noche de lluvia. Lue, Colunga.

Ambiente de noche de lluvia en Lue, Colunga despues del toque de queda.

Coordenadas: 43.49517699, -5.3227724

Lugar: Lue, Colunga.

Fecha: 25.02.2021

Hora: 23:35

Equipamiento: Olympus Ls11, Par estéreo Primo em272. 


El agua se filtra en la arena. Playa de la griega, Colunga.

Grabación de la marea filtrándose en la arena. Hidrófonos enterrados entre la desembocadura del Libardón y la orilla de La Griega, Colunga.

Coordenadas: 43.5016822, -5.2609696
Lugar: Playa de la Griega, Colunga
Fecha: 14.12.2020
Hora: 14:48
Equipamiento: Sound Devices Mixpre 6, 2 x Jrf Hydrophones

Arroyo en el área recreativa del Fitu.

Coordenadas: 43.4405473, -5.1926279
Lugar: Área recreativa del Fitu, Caravia
Fecha: 14.01.2021
Hora: 13:37
Equipamiento: Sound Devices Mixpre6 + Par estéreo DPA 4060

Nieve. Área recreativa del Fitu, Caravia.

Hidrófonos sumergidos en la nieve mientras se derrite.

Coordenadas: 43.4405011, -5.1926822
Lugar: Área recreativa del Fitu, Caravia
Fecha: 14.01.2021
Hora: 11:50
Equipamiento: Sound Devices Mixpre6 + 2 Jrf Hydrophones

Improvisación at CAAMSonora

CAAMSonora Acciones sonoras online

Info about the event (in Spanish):

La artista madrileña Clara Brea presenta una acción sonora dentro del programa ‘CAAMSonora’ 2020 en su edición virtual. Esta grabación recoge una improvisación en la que la artista invita al público a observar su proceso creativo mientras investiga nuevos espacios, texturas, timbres y melodías. Para esta actuación, la artista ha viajado hasta los campos de Asturias, lugar en el que realiza esta acción sonora para la cual recomienda la escucha con cascos.

Wetland AV & album realease

Wetland (Clara Brea & Elena Brea)

“Wetland” started as a site specific audio visual Performance for Eufonic Festival. Most of it was composed in the Ebro Delta (a nature reserve that’s one of the most climate change threatened environments in the Iberian Peninsula) on September 2019.

Since then it’s been performed live in different venues and it has evolved to become an hour long audio visual piece, and an Album.

Source material includes field recordings and video footage captured throughout the Eufònic/LoPati Residency, field recordings from a canal boat in London, modular synthesizer compositions and footage from the Mediterranean Sea (Menorca, Spain).

Released September 15, 2020.

Composed and recorded by Clara Brea.
Photography / Video / Artwork by Elena Brea.
Mastered by Damian Schwartz at Lyrebird sound.

Digital, Cassette and merch available here.

Stream audio-visual piece:

Listen to album:


Two jams recorded during covid-19’s confinement.

“Duskscape Recall” features a recording of the dusk chorus at Dartmoor National Park (Moretonhampstead, UK) June 8th, 2019.

“Voltage Creek” features a heavily processed recording of the creek’s stream at Wavefarm (Acra, New York) January 18th, 2020.

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Live at Ruido vírico

Clara Brea Live at #RuidoVírico_01 21st March 2020.

RuidoVírico is an Online Streaming Show devoted to sound art, ambient, electronica and field recordings broadcasting every weekend a selection of concerts done from home, private studios and workshops and held by artists, musicians, performers and improvisers. Every Sunday at 4pm CET.

2019 sound journal at Wavefarm

WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

For this broadcast, Brea is live in the Wave Farm Study Center / WGXC Acra studio. She writes, “As if some pages of my 2019 listening journal were ripped of and mixed together in a non linear journey. Here is a wide and varied selection of Field recordings, drones, ambient, hauntology, experimental and early electronic music that I’ve either enjoyed listening to, performed, or recorded through 2019.”

14 1/2 knots

Original score for Elena Brea’s film study observing wind animating the beach landscape; filmed on location in the derelict fishing industry of Dungeness, UK, in 2016.