AI​-​29: The Wetland Remixes

Son of Chi & Clara Brea @ Astral Industries

Son of Chi returns to Astral Industries, alongside Spanish artist Clara Brea, for the collaborative release of AI-29. A product of fate, chance experiments, but most of all, sensitive artistry – ’The Wetland Remixes’ exists as a confluence of two kindred musical spirits, a wayfaring epic that draws together a rich archive of ecological field recordings, live instrumentation and higher inspirations.

Ahead of Hanyo’s concert at ‘Avalovara listening club’ (Madrid) at the end of 2019, the curators (Diskoan & Josephine’ Soundscapes) organised a special dinner and arranged the meeting of Clara and Hanyo. As Hanyo recalls, “It was like stereochemistry. There was an instant match and understanding, and basically we decided in a split second to exchange recordings and to collaborate on future live and studio experiments.”

The auspicious meeting of the two ignited a remote exchange of materials and ideas, as the world descended into a series of pandemic-related lockdowns. The first of said recordings included the stems of Clara’s ‘Wetland Project’ – a site-specific audiovisual project originally produced for Eufonic Festival (Spain), using field recordings from the Ebro Delta nature reserve (one of the most threatened regions of climate change on the Iberian peninsula).

From this initial impetus, Hanyo began working on the first sketches of the album back in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Just like their meeting in Madrid, the project developed naturally and spontaneously with extraordinary ease. Later, Hanyo started adding field recordings from the Magic Cave and Wetlands of the ‘Kallikatsou’ (Patmos, Greece) as well as organic and acoustic overdubs, featuring bass, drums, percussion, guitars, oud, piano, hammond organ, wurlitzer, flutes, bells, and mouth harp.

In the distance, the sound of birds peak through the effervescent wash of the wetland soundscapes. The pass of running water flows deeper into a land full of secrets never told. On the strike of dusk, the silhouettes of shapely trunks and foliage melt slowly into the impenetrable darkness. As darkness passes, light emerges, with exquisite moments of tranquility that seemingly emerge from nothingness.

Beneath the shimmering veneer of textures, wildlife and melodies, one may hear the deeper references of ’The Wetland Remixes’. With credit to Clara’s input, for Hanyo the album process became a kind of refuge, and ultimately inspired the return to the core of Abstract Sound – what the Sufis call “Saut-i Sarmad.” Such references allude to the spiritual quality embedded in the music – the autonomous process of self-expression, the great mystery. Hanyo: “An ambience like this cannot be created by routine. There is no blueprint. The music has to find you. It’s like a blessing if it happens. You should not interfere, just observe and be impressed…”

Deep, luscious mind trips as per the classic Chi sound, ‘The Wetland Remixes’ beautifully correlates the interconnecting dots of geography, ecology, and mythology’s forgotten lore.

Shadow Play / ∩

Composición/Espacio Sonoro utilizando como punto de partida los procesos de creación de las obras de Cristina Spinelli y Siglo Eterno para ¨shadow play¨ ( Sala 3 de ∩ @ Zapadores ciudad del arte)

Released August 29, 2021
Composición/Diseño Sonoro/Grabaciones de Campo/Mezcla/Master: Clara Brea
Cristina Spinelli trabajando en el estudio (Grabaciones de Alberto Garcia Aznar)
Rocio Perez typing (grabación de Clara Brea)
Grabación de la instalación en Zapadores: Alberto Garcia Aznar

Foto portada: Nalia Arenas
Diseño: Ignacio Gonzalez Olmedo

Wetland AV & album realease

Wetland (Clara Brea & Elena Brea)

“Wetland” started as a site specific audio visual Performance for Eufonic Festival. Most of it was composed in the Ebro Delta (a nature reserve that’s one of the most climate change threatened environments in the Iberian Peninsula) on September 2019.

Since then it’s been performed live in different venues and it has evolved to become an hour long audio visual piece, and an Album.

Source material includes field recordings and video footage captured throughout the Eufònic/LoPati Residency, field recordings from a canal boat in London, modular synthesizer compositions and footage from the Mediterranean Sea (Menorca, Spain).

Released September 15, 2020.

Composed and recorded by Clara Brea.
Photography / Video / Artwork by Elena Brea.
Mastered by Damian Schwartz at Lyrebird sound.

Digital, Cassette and merch available here.

Stream audio-visual piece:

Listen to album:

Wetland at Festival arte y ciencia (Planetario Pamplona)

Info about the event (in Spanish):

Inmersión en un paisaje sonoro.

“WETLAND”. Clara Brea, productora de música electrónica y Elena Brea, artista visual. 

El Festival de Arte y Ciencia ha sido organizado por la Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA), con la financiación de la Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT)-Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación y con la colaboración del Planetario de Pamplona y de Making Art Happen e Innova Social.

Avalovara, club de escucha #32 ≈ Dive And Let Dive ≈


Info about the event (in spanish):

La idea de la inmersión sonora colectiva como forma de rebelión subyace desde los inicios de Avalovara, club de escucha como un lema, pero también como una actitud vital. Sumergirse en músicas inusuales, respetando la concentración de los demás, es precisamente lo que nos sugiere el trabajo de Clara Brea, desde el primer contacto que tuvimos con su música. Grabaciones de campo perfectamente hiladas sobre paisajes sintéticos, como producto de una búsqueda incesante y una sensibilidad inusual.

En esta ocasión, Clara viene acompañada de su hermana, la artista visual Elena Brea, para representar en directo: “Wetland”, una pieza audiovisual confeccionada a partir grabaciones de campo e imágenes registradas en el Delta de Ebro.

Avalovara, club de escucha #32
≈ Dive And Let Dive ≈
Jueves 20 de febrero de 21.30 a 03 h.
Clara Brea Live!
Diskoan + Josephine’ Soundscapes Dj sets
Nueva ubicación: El Perro Club. Puebla 15, Madrid
Entrada Anticipada 7€ / 9 € en puerta.
A partir de las 23:30h entrada libre.

Avalovara, club de escucha es una cita mensual donde dejarse fascinar por las músicas más inusuales, mediante sesiones temáticas, cuidadas en su carácter sonoro y visual por sus residentes e invitados. En su nueva localización apostaremos por conciertos y actuaciones especiales en la primera parte de la noche.

Pictures of the event by Sergio Albert​.


14 1/2 knots

Original score for Elena Brea’s film study observing wind animating the beach landscape; filmed on location in the derelict fishing industry of Dungeness, UK, in 2016.